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Create and implement EMS management software that makes your life better.


It seems pretty simple, right? The fragmented EMS management software market is a crucial aspect of your business, but no one seemed to be advancing the simplicity and operational efficiency that today’s technology can offer. We latched onto that opportunity and fully embraced it with the idea of making OUR CUSTOMERS' LIVES BETTER with a superior product.

As the ONLY fully-hosted, 100% cloud-based software for dispatch and revenue cycle management, we support hundreds of private and municipal EMS providers throughout the United States with our groundbreaking technology. Our clients quickly see how running their business, hospital or municipality doesn’t have to be an all-consuming endeavor once they make the switch.

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Drawing from decades of experience in Fortune 500 and start-up environments, the MP Cloud Technologies management team is dedicated to our clients’ success. Our expertise in healthcare software development has brought our vision of what an EMS management platform can really be from a dream to reality.


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MP Cloud Technologies has strategically partnered with companies that are at the forefront of the EMS software space. With their help, we are transforming once fragmented, complex solutions into a single user-friendly, efficient and simple service for you.


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