Faster and more accurate Dispatch Operations. Available 24/7, from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

No More Entering Insurance Information Manually

Automatically discover and determine insurance eligibility with one-click through our instant API connection with Change Healthcare. No more calling the insurance company and waiting on hold, or manually looking up each patient. One click, and you're done!

One-click Rescheduling and Repeating Events

Store all your patient info so you can reschedule a transport or setup a recurring transport quickly and easily. You'll never have to enter patient information manually again.

Never Lose Your Crew

Available real-time GPS tracking for every unit, automated travel time calculations, and 1-1 communication with each crew mean you'll always know where your crews are and which one is closest to the call. Get faster response times without the guesswork.

No More Sharing Logins

Stop worrying about per-seat license fees and checking if someone else is logged in. Now everyone can have their own login at no extra cost. 

Streamline and Automate Your Processes

Seamless integrations and easy to use customizations mean you can cut out repetitive tasks, reduce errors and waste from manual processes, and increase your financial performance.


Real-time automated insurance verification prior to transport with our IntelligentEligibility™ software


Real-time visibility into vehicle locations, routing, traffic and mileage calculations


Accelerate response time through optional integrations or your preferred AVL provider


Seamless multi-channel communication among dispatch, field staff, patient and facility


Auto-generated stored transports and patient details for improved efficiency


Your data is safe and secure with our Enterprise-level security, and ongoing HIPAA and HITECH compliance.


Schedule transports, track pre-authorizations and manage centralized resources with optional Vairkko integration


The flexibility of the cloud lets you to operate on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection.