Cyber-Security: Protecting Your Data with the Cloud

Posted by MP Cloud Technologies on Oct 20, 2020 7:56:08 AM

Technology advancement is inevitable in our industry. The daily exchange of information through the Internet requires secure systems that protect your data from cyber-attacks and security breaches, while remaining compliant with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws regarding Protected Health Information (PHI).

Most people have heard of “cyber-attacks”, but are all too often unaware of the different types (Phishing, Malware, Viruses, Spyware, Ransomware, etc.).

More importantly, most users are generally unfamiliar of best practices to prevent such attacks, or keep current with them.

These attacks are a common threat exposing EMS operations to situations such as data-ransom, resulting in bankruptcy. Prevention measures exist by using the right software and employing industry best-practices.


The Bottom Line

A local “back-room” server to store all of your files and applications may have been relatively safe in the past, however the likelihood of a cyber-attack today is becoming exponentially greater on a daily basis. Using the cloud for storing your sensitive information and running critical applications has proven to be a much more secure solution. 

What the Cloud Can Do For Your Security

Choose a reliable EMS software solution that incorporates a professional data center. For instance, MP Cloud Technologies utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services) - considered the “Fort Knox” of cloud computing platforms, frequently used by the US government and some of the largest banking institutions in the world. Ensure your data center is monitoring for all types of intrusions. Have an I.T. expert (or consulting firm) review your data center’s security policies, as software companies typically focus on software development and may not be the best for monitoring the security of your data. AWS has certified partner vendors for hire to provide this specific service. Consider hiring a third party who specializes in cyber security and intrusion detection. MP Cloud Technologies has partnered with a vendor specializing in this service to provide such protection.

Key benefits of AWS integration:

  • Provides a double firewall: When accessing your EMS software, you’ll be protected by AWS Firewalls for safeguards against hacking.
  • Updates made in real time: You always have the most relevant information and functionality at your disposal, automatically updated from within our secure system.
  • Safeguard Infrastructure: All data is stored in highly secure AWS brick-and-mortar physical data centers to protect customer privacy.
  • Compliance: AWS manages dozens of compliance programs in its infrastructure, such as HIPAA.
  • Scalability: With company growth comes the need for more security. No matter the size of your database, AWS infrastructure is designed to keep data safe.

What You Can Do For Your Security

  1. Conduct ongoing employee training to empower them to identify and avoid engagement with Phishing and Spoofing emails.
  2. Establish redundant access for Internet outages. We always recommend Fiber, Cable, and/or wireless solutions (such as LTE, 5G, FirstNet, etc.).
  3. Disable access to personal employee email accounts while logged into the company’s computer network.
  4. Do not allow direct access to any storage devices or appliances. This is a standard for MP Cloud Technologies when setting up our customer’s accounts.


Keeping your company safe is top priority.

By remaining current with best practices and maintaining awareness of emerging threats, you can greatly reduce your risk of catastrophic cyber-attacks. The last thing you need to worry about in our 24/7/365 industry is unauthorized access, control, or exposure of your critical data. To learn more about how MP Cloud Technologies’ expert integration with the cloud offers the safest and most accessible data storage and security, don’t hesitate to reach out.