Family Medical Transport's Revenues Exceed Expectations Following Seamless Transition

Posted by MP Cloud Technologies on Sep 16, 2020 7:10:53 AM

With over 75 combined years of experience in 911 transport, Emergency Room/trauma centers, hospital floors, and routine patient transport, the team at Family Medical Transport provides exceptional medical emergency services to those in need of help in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

However, just a few years ago, Dispatch and Billing operations were not running as smoothly as they had hoped. With their previous software, the costs of maintaining a server and the lack of an integrated clearinghouse continued to hurt their bottom line and operational efficiency across departments; until ultimately realizing their only solution was going to be finding a new provider.

As any well-established company would, they feared the prospect of implementing changes to such an integral part of their operations. And while not thrilled about the prospect of having to take the time to research, demo and select a new provider, Family Medical knew, in the long run, they would be better served with a different service.

After reviewing and analyzing their situation, we worked closely with Family Medical Transport to make the seamless transition to AdvanceClaim and AdvanceDispatch so their operations didn’t miss a beat. Once implemented, they saw immediate benefits:

  • A fully-integrated clearinghouse leading to immediate cost and time savings
  • They were able to remove their onsite servers, significantly reducing overhead costs
  • With our application being cloud-based, employees could now access the system remotely, expediting response time for reps and increasing accountability and collaboration among departments

With these new time and cost efficiencies, Family Medical Transport was able to focus their resources on expanding their fleet and personnel, allowing them to grow their overall business.


Since our partnership began in 2016, they have seen the following results:

94.6% aggregated collection rate and a 2.85% score increase in revenue generated per transport


The fragmented EMS management software market is a crucial aspect of your business, but no one seems to be advancing the simplicity and operational efficiency that today’s technology can offer. MP Cloud has taken the lead and defined what is possible with this new technology and the idea of making OUR CUSTOMERS’ LIVES BETTER with a superior product. We do this for hundreds of private and municipal EMS providers throughout the United States, with success stories just like Family Medical Transport.

Our clients quickly see how running their business, hospital or municipality doesn’t have to be an all-consuming endeavor once they make the switch, and that life is truly better with the Cloud. Allow us to show you how our industry-leading software will benefit your company from day one with a quick, friendly conversation.