MP Cloud Technologies launches RCM discovery tools to compliment its AdvanceClaim software

Posted by MP Cloud Technologies on Nov 10, 2020 11:16:54 AM

AUSTIN, Texas — MP Cloud Technologies announced today that its service offerings are again expanding with the release of new and expanded functionality of its AdvanceClaim EMS Billing software with the addition of their PLUS family of products.

MP Cloud Technologies’ AdvanceClaim EMS software is designed for both 3rd Party EMS Billing companies and EMS agencies with internal revenue recovery operations.  Their AdvanceClaim billing application is the industry’s leading cloud-based claims processing solution complete with a fully integrated clearing house.  With one-click searches and auto-population of key claims data instantly searching agency top payers, AdvanceClaim maximizes accuracy and efficiency by reducing redundancy and human error.  Performance is streamlined increasing financial performance assuring providers will have No Claim Left Behind™.

“Today, MP Cloud Technologies introduced the next generation of EMS Billing tools fully integrated in our AdvanceClaim software,” states Brian Rowe, Sr. Vice President of Customer Success.  “We have added additional tools to our arsenal which will aid in patient identity discovery such as address verification and SSN return, insurance discovery with MBI return, and a tool to suggest likelihood of self-pay payment.”

PlusID: Available now, this tool will mine databases such as, credit bureaus, Amazon, and healthcare clearinghouses returning address history, name, DOB, and full SSN.

PlusCoverage: Available soon, this tool will mine healthcare transaction databases across the country returning insurance policy data including Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI).

PlusPayment: Available soon, this tool will help predict the propensity for a patient to pay. This tool uses industry standard methods to help determine the likeliness of a patient to pay. Data such as healthcare payment history is used to determine a Low, Medium, and High propensity to pay. This type of tool may help RCM Managers determine which claims to work internally versus those to outsource earlier for collection services.

"We are pleased to now offer this expanded RCM functionality embedded in our AdvanceClaim software,” states Rob Rodrigues, CEO, MP Cloud Technologies. “Our purpose-built software serves the unique needs of 3rd Party EMS Billing Companies and EMS agencies while leveraging leading technologies so our customers can achieve a level of accuracy and efficiency that is unparalleled in the industry today.”

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