Double your claims processing speed.

Process more claims faster - with fewer errors, hassles, or headaches.

EMS Billing Companies  MP Cloud.


“By partnering with MP Cloud Technologies, we have seen significant scalability and growth in our medical billing practice. The operational efficiencies we have achieved has allowed us to add new clients and claim volume without the need for additional claims processors. We are more effectively able to manage our revenue cycle management. Our staff absolutely loves using AdvanceClaim.”

DeLisa Merry, President and Owner of DMBS

Relax. EMS Claims Billing for multiple clients across different platforms just got a whole lot easier.

Do everything in one platform

Our seamless ePCR and Clearinghouse integration means no more switching back and forth between different apps to get things done. It doesn't matter which ePCR system your customers use, AdvanceClaim for Billing Companies handles them all.

No more manual data entry

With Automated Imports from most ePCRs, One-Click Searches, and Auto-Population of key claims data, AdvanceClaim for Agencies maximizes accuracy and efficiency by reducing redundancy and human error.

No more hoping it’s done in the morning

Say goodbye to downloading massive remittance files, uploading claim files to your clearinghouse, and waiting for validation. AdvanceClaim does automatic submission through our fully integrated clearinghouse so you be confident claims or batches are processed.

Find lost fees and revenue

Our industry-leading “No Claim Left Behind™” technology helps you prevent lost fees on claims and capture legitimate fees that fell through the cracks. And our electronic secondary submission system makes it easy to submit in seconds. No more printing, envelopes, postage or paper cuts!

See the entire financial picture

Quickly get a view of performance across all your clients with our Multiple Tax ID rollups, or break the reporting down by geography, client size, billing volume, and much more.

Fast, Safe, and Secure

The entire system is 100% HIPAA, ICD-10, and HITECH compliant; and runs on AWS, the same enterprise-grade, secure and stable platform used by hospitals and major insurance carriers.

With PlusID you can increase your chances of claim acceptance on first submission with just one click. Learn More Here

 For Claims Processors

  • See the everything in one place
  • No more manual imports or uploads
  • Auto-updates every 5 minutes
  • Accept and process claims in 1 click
  • Submit claims or batches in seconds
  • Auto-match payments to claims

 For Payment Managers

  • Keep your clients happy
  • Get higher net collection rates
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Get better AR visibility
  • Automatic dunning built-in
  • Find & recover lost revenue
AdvanceClaim for EMS Billing Info Sheet

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Our Promise to You - No Claim Left Behind

So many claims. So little time. In the fast-paced world of claims processing, it's all too easy for a rejected or partially-paid claim to get lost in the system. We fixed that.

Never lose a claim again. No headaches. No reports. No extra work.

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Patented Auto-Code technology eliminates human error in claims processing by automatically populating base rates, mileage codes, and medical necessity selections.

MP Icons-AdvDispatch-25

Real-time automated insurance verification can happen prior to transport with our industry-leading IntelligentEligibility™ technology.

MP AdvDispatch-02-36

Our PlusID™ add-on tool will mine databases providing full SSN and vital patient information.

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Our industry-leading integrated clearinghouse technology provides built-in connections to over thousands of government and private payers.

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Create ready-to-bill claims with one-click NEMSIS ePCR importing. Easily batch, upload and reject claims all from one intuitive interface.

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Easily watch your revenues & cash flow with our built-in      Back-to-Operation reporting portal.

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Sleep easy knowing our Enterprise-level security, and ongoing HIPAA, ICD-10 and HITECH compliance are keeping your data safe and secure.

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Our systems are always on and available so you have the flexibility to operate on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Find out how AdvanceClaim for Billing Companies can help you be more efficient, accurate, and profitable!