Works with AdvanceClaim for EMS Agencies and EMS Billing.


Increase your chances of claim acceptance on first submission.

Patient information collected during emergencies and in uncontrolled environments is often inaccurate or incomplete. PlusID helps you get complete and up-to-date patient information in just one click.

Get complete patient data before you submit claims

You already know complete patient data is required for insurance claim submissions. Missing or inaccurate patient data will cause claims to be rejected or denied, and dealing with returned claims is time-consuming and expensive.

There's a better way

With PlusID, you can get accurate patient information, including the patient's Social Security number and last known address, in just one click - before you submit the claim. This dramatically increases your collection rate on first submission.


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An Easy Add-on

PlusID already integrates directly with our EMS Agency and EMS Billing products. Once enabled it will appear in your billing dashboard and be available to you with just one click.

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